Nassetti Sery Sport / Turismo.


Nassetti Sery TurismoA.D 1990. It was never my intention to buy a Italian Old timer. But one day my friend Hans and i were on our way, for Hans wanted to look at an offer of an building frame of a Nassetti 4 stroke from 1955??. The offer contains , frame, back frame, back absorbers, tire-nave ( wrong ones), floating saddle, soms front frame parts ( incomplete), an empty head-lamp house, a pair of splash-boards ( also wrong ones, and the 50cc Nassetti 4 stroke motor-block Sery ( new). Wheter you understand

about motors or not, when you read the list you know that you need a lotmore to finish and drive away. So we found out,



Nassetti Sery sport.


Nassetti Sery turismo.

I say we, for it was I too who was naive. We thought such an offer our "joy parcel".

I took all my money and was also the owner of a joy parcel, an Italian 4 stroke.

We thought it was a piece of cake, to gather the missing parts.Whish full thinking, it took time and patience. While I was looking for a fuel tank, I found 2. Nice, for an

article of barter. That was good idea, for some one called me, he want to exchange a front-frame for a fuel tank.



But my finances went down and therefore I had to sell my bike, luckily my son bought it. From that day on we speak about his Nassetti Sery model Turismo. And that is what this building session ia all about. In 1996 he started, most of

the thime at my work room, and i only lurking over his shoulder. But who would ever thought that I will be the owner of a Nassetti Sery Sport and a Nassetti Racer one day.




1996, my son Rick starts the construction of his Nasetti Sery Turismo.

At the frame the fixing points of the fuel tank and the saddle were weld. the nasty back farme has been mount and the ball head bearings are complete.

The Nassetti back frame hinged out of heart line, and therefore the chain has been stretched at the spring. A silly fault, by this model. The back spring action has to be as stiff as possible, p.a Agon absorbers length 26cm.

( heart to heart).


The front frame was varnished and ready for construction. But it did not worked well. Therefor he had to demount the bike. All spring action parts( working parts), were made

off rough cast iron. After greasing and mounting the spring  action worked well again and the front frame could be mounted. A lot of Italian bike's the front and back brake operates via one picnh handle. This model to.Therefore you have to take care that the brake capacity is sufficient. You need a lot of power to make a panic-stop. Rick was lucky, he could built 2 strong brake naves at the bike. He also found 2 very stiff absorbers, the exact size and model



Never the les it is a problem to find a well fit back wheel/nave of the Nassetti. The back frame is very small, therefore the cain does not fit or the wheel is

not in the middle. So, Rick went to a professional, to solve the problem.



You better take the time to look if everything fits, before you mount, paint or enamel the parts.



Pay attention at the front fork. Rick has brought,its looks as well as its action, in perfect condition.

Several weeks later, all parts have the

right colour, the Nassetti Sery

Turismo has been mounted thus

far. Rick will finish the bike at his

place, for I want to start my Nassetti

Sery Sport.



They build the Nassetti with stainless steel bolts and female screws. We try as much as possible to block out rust. This will be attained by, paint the not visible parts, with red-lead, p.a. the inside of the rims. Another detail is that, good placed and mounted cables, live longer and work better. With a little bit of luck, we also have found an original exhaust absorber, new and at its original packing. As always finishing off takes time. But you need a lot of patience with this sorts of projects. The Nassetti Turismo is almost ready.

The stickers have to put on.The right carburetor is not found yet, Though we have visit a lot exhibitions. You cannot buy the original 14mm Weber carburetor anymore.



Nassetti Sery turismo.


Just found a right carburetor,and it has made its first test drive.

And here the mounted handle bar, it has to be replaced by an original


A picture of a beautiful NASSETTI motorblock


Nassetti Sery 4 stroke 49,7 cc. 3 gear.

Head valve with under lying camshaft. Stroke 44 mm. bore 38 mm. 2 hp.

By 5800rpm.

2,2hp by 6500rpm.

Carter contents 500 cc.

Oil system splash oiling.

Valve play inlet 0,15 mm.

Valve play outlet 0,20 mm.

Fixed ignition time.

Ignition point distance 0,30/0,35 mm.

Interior mounted fly-wheel and bobbin.

Capacity light spool 15 watt by 6 volt.