NASSETTI Model history

The photo gallery has pictures of an old Nassetti folder.


Nassetti iL Pellegrino.

The Nassetti A.R is one of the finest

products.A characteristic motor in its

own frame. The motor-block " iL Pellegrino " was developed from e.g. the A.R model. Trough the Nassetti

iL Pellegrino building set , one could build a bike, with help-motor. The Pellegrino is now a days still , a help motor wich is good to assemble and

joy-full to ride. An Italian blood-horse under a truly Dutch bike goes well.

You need a good pair of (drum) brakes.

For 50 km./ph can easy be overstepped. The Nassetti iL Pellegrino-engins are used direct after 1945 by Dutch racing motor drivers, on the circuit of Zandvoort. ( 1950 ).


          Nassetti Cyclo-Moteur A.R

The indication Dilly , refers not to the bike type, but to the

motor-blok.It is told that Cesare Nassetti, used his daughters

names for its motor-types. With the Dilly-motor started a

great series of motor-bike models. Wich, in view of the

changes through the years, also developed in technics.

But the Dilly-motor block did not change, in view of the

multitude models which has a Dilly-block

we can say that the Dilly is the "work-horse"of the Nassetti.



                   Nassetti Dilly Tourist

A beauty among the Nassetties. In this model you can find,

everything, a real grown-up motor, but is still related to a

bicycle. E.g. by assembling a handle-bar, and long cranks,

so when you have a brake-down, you always can cycle.

Belief it or not, but after cycling 500 meters you rather like

to walk. Nice are the front and back-spring action, at that

time it was a luxury.

This type of spring was called "swing-arm" spring action.

It cost a lot of service, but it works well.



                        Nassetti Dilly Trave

It is a pity that the pictures are not pretty, for you can see

clearly that the Dilly line has grown.

The handle-bar has vanished and the frame is unique.

A tube-frame at the front and a steel

back-frame fixed together, gifs the motor a Spartan look.

Which weare not used to.



               NassettiDilly Luxe

The Dilly-sport, is almost the same as the Dilly the Luxe.

Designers must have noticed that. Therefore they have

produced top models, with all the good quality of the Dilly frame.



Nassetti Dilly Sport.


NassettiDilly Modello Turismo.


NassettiDilly Modello Sport.


Nassetti Dilly 2 Stroke 2 speed.

2,5 PK bij 5800 r.p.m (1958).

We do not know how many Dilly models are

producted, but clear is that the two models,

see pictures, were the last of the series.

The "adult" Dilly, with a tube-frame, in the front

and back telescope spring action, and a

horse-power went to 2,5hp to 5800 rpm.

As far as we know there was never a 3 speed Dilly.



Nassetti iL Pellegrino ( Brunetta).

Friction drive. 1955.